Competitive Product Portfolio

Private Product Label (PPL) is a trademark of Investnetco Eood, LTD and created in 2013 focusing on importing and exporting products out of different countries in Europe. Today, we import and export all major food categories. Our global and local partnerships help us keep one step ahead of the market and provide a competitive product portfolio.

With PPL, you’ll find more than just high demand, affordable and quality products, you’ll be dealing with our friendly staff directly, to offer you personalized business dealings.

PPL has been operational in different Countries in Europe and outside Europe in Australia since 2005, after discovering the health benefits of different food and beverages, wanted by the customers and retailers. Some core lines has expanded into all states of Australia, China, USA, Europa and Russia, establishing a network of distribution.

Not only does PPL provide Healthy foods (core Business), but several other well-presented products for all types of consumers to enjoy, children, pit masters, household and commercial chefs, animals, and many many more. View the product pages to see all the value product brands and lines available.